my brother’s favoirte childhood memory is playing harry potter.

we (our cusin, the kid nextdoor, and us) use to sit in the bathroom with the harry potter books pretending they were the spell books. anything in the bathroom was renamed and made into a “potion” in the sink. we had an awesome childhood.

my little brother,

hangs out with his girlfriend all the time during the school year.

now its summer, i see them all the time, their happy just cuddling on the couch.

they have time to be with each other all summer now.

even with his mind totally focused on his girlfriend he still manages to ask how my boyfriend and i are, like he’s the only one who actually cares if im happy.

tired of crying

because i never cry for nothing, but you’re not nothing now are you?

" you brought me a puppy." Jude Frances Murray in Jewels Of The Sun by Nora Roberts

 i have never in my life had to put down a book ive been reading all day JUST because of a sentance like that.

i was literaly lauguhing and crying the whole time i was in my room.

my mother texted me to see if i was okay.

The context of it to what i could understand.

Jude is sitting on the ground petting the puppy that Aidan has just bought for and she’s wailing and crying to Aidan “you got me a puppy.” And he has no clue what to do. while shes thinking about her mothers hateful cats.

If This Is Puppy Love?

 I Never Want To Know The Real Thing!

the stupid look i get on my face when i get a text, call, or video chat from/with you.

yeah, im pretty sure this is going to be a looong 4 months

30 more minutes or so till i know he’s safe with his friend in Alaska.

i didn’t know I’d be this worried about him flying somewhere!!

then i can sleep for 2 1/2 hours before i have to be up for school.

**my body is screaming at me…**

School Tomorrow at 830am -1200pm =


6 whole months!

had an amazing 6th month with nick!!!

we had a few hicups along the way, but they some how worked out.

RIP ISIS, kyles little brown dog who should have had more time to say good bye.

My Boyfriend is Doing my homework for me!

Aren’t we an attractive couple?

I’ve had that moment too! Hes My Superman!

I was texting my boyfriend about V-day....
Nick (my boyfriend) : Can you come tomorrow?
Morgan (Me) : no. dads off tomorrow
Nick: damn that blows
Morgan: yeeah
Nick: Well damn, oh well you can be my 100 mile valntine
Morgan: only if ull me mine
Nick: lol but of coarse
Morgan: Awwe! Yaay!
Nick: tehe
Morgan: okay day made
Nick: lol awww